Samstag, 21. November 2009


I wrote a confession with cut up technique and made an DIN A1 poster with it.
The plotter is awsome, it prints with wax balls!
The first one, is the final A1 version, the others are just test versions.


The Christian doctrine of sin is all here in a nutshell. While names of sins and fashions on sins change, sin is always essentially the same in the twentieth century or the first.
I started to live in sin in the year 1973. "Pride is the blight that withers the flower of virtue" I remember the priest saying.
I was proud and I am guilty. God's verdict is always "Guilty", it is just a small comfort to know that this is God's verdict on every man.
I have been a beautiful girl, so beautiful, that I first got money for my beauty at the age of 15.
Low self-esteem and perfectionism is a cocktail that can generate high achievement.
I earned more money than a fifteen year old girl could imagine. Although I was just a child, I worked as hard as an adult.
Sometimes I was so exhausted that I could barely feel my body.
I trusted my manager – my career as a model went on better and better.
Peace, Joy, Reconciliation and Love were the feelings that now replaced all the bad and ugly.
But the trouble was twofold. I felt invincible but after a few month it left marks on my body.
With the blink of an eye everything lovely and nice disappeared and what remained was dealers, dealers all over the place. I had to get it, I had to take it.
Now I stand here, selling my body to strangers and yes I am a sinner I sin every second of my live.
I regard nothing, for money I do everything.
I pass it to my clients and they pass it again.
I am guilty, I am a sinner, I am an assassin, I was just beautiful.

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