Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009


Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009


drawings, with collage of white and japanese paper.

A Visual Document, isn't all what we do a visual document? – a map! mind the key in the corner!

Create a single sheet A1 'VISUAL DOCUMENT that is an experimental A1 Bibliography - a visual LIST and a Typographic document of the writers and literature you have used so far - including examples and including your own cut up Creative writing. Also include for extra text extracts of a brief evalutation or evaluative sentences - process' and feelings of work so far - experiment with drawn and 'organic' shapes. Printing methods, photocopying tones etc - textures for a SUBTLE background ? and tonal values.

Your text and composition can be experimental and used as in a layout and have some accompanying visuals - try to keep it simple palette, two colour or even black and white - so you focus on FORM and composition - positive and negative space etc ( dont get too focused on your KEY - that can wait )

This is a kind of mapping if you like, of your learning experience and importantly your research.

You must include;

1. A BIBLIOGRAPHY on / in the layout - all boks - artists , magazines , articles referenced
.. using Two fonts only - use the Family for variety.

2. Show examples / lists of the writers that fit with your previous exercises ie confession cut up, anthropomorphic amalgam & juxtaposition.

3. A rough key to the writers work / text referenced and in your layout - coded or by Font ? - it may be complex and interesting - and can be vague ? go for expression over Logic on this one - enjoy it - and keep suprising me ! DEADLINE this thursday 3rd Dec 10.30 am Pin UP room 310

Helen Murgatroyd lecture for my small group of Yr 2 in my workshop 2pm Tuesday Dec 1st

Cut up technique

Sonntag, 29. November 2009

the view from here

A piece of prose, made with cut up technique.
Three different genres of literature had been used.
Traditional, sentimental (childrensbook) / adult literature / a manual.
My literature was:
A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess
Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov
The Magic Faraway Tree – Enid Blyton
The Yellow Pages
Flux Magazine, December
... own words had been added when necessary

A very weird text was the outcome.
But it wasn't me. I just put it together.

When I arranged the poster I was thinking about a report in a newspaper, because unfortunately you can read or you hear stories like this way too often, but from a different point of view.
I used the Times because it was made for being a newspaper font and I wanted my picture looking as if it is from a newspaper as well.
I choose the picture of the fence, because it communicates constriction, but you can't know on which side of the fence you stand. Are you the prisoner or not?
And of course the is the connection of being in jail because of commiting crime.

The view from here

It seems such a quiet place that I shouldn‘t have thought there was even a small adventure to be found.
It had been different.
It had not been like edifying, indeed it had not.
Being in this dirty hellhole and like human zoo for twenty years, being kicked and beaten by brutal bully warders and meeting smelly leering like criminals, some of them real perverts and ready to dribble all over a luscious young man as I have been.
Fisting me in the balls and the face and the belly and dealing out kicks, and then at last I has to sick up on the floor like some real mad fellow.
I should have learned my lesson.
But why does the way she walks excite me so abdorminably?
Their voices I hear still:
Let us help. Let us take the weight of your shoulders.

And desire even stronger than before began to afflict me again.
Is it some devil that crawls inside me?
The intention to act violently is accompanied by strong feelings of physical distress.
I should have learned my lesson.
There are shows for all occasions.
We have been to the Rocking Land, and the Birthday Land. And the Land of Take-What-You-Want and the land of the Snowman.
Yum Yum!
Sweet intoxication.
It‘s lovely to be with you all again.
Very infantile, infinitely specious.
Hiding form my covetous eyes, the juvenile breasts I had fondled one immortal day.
Their voices I hear still:
Please don‘t fight the debt alone, we take care of your excess.

The status of outsider can be quite useful. You can poke around much easier and see from a position of greater clarity.
You just never know, but it is all very exciting.
Abracadabra voices! I don‘t think I believe you!

Samstag, 21. November 2009


I wrote a confession with cut up technique and made an DIN A1 poster with it.
The plotter is awsome, it prints with wax balls!
The first one, is the final A1 version, the others are just test versions.


The Christian doctrine of sin is all here in a nutshell. While names of sins and fashions on sins change, sin is always essentially the same in the twentieth century or the first.
I started to live in sin in the year 1973. "Pride is the blight that withers the flower of virtue" I remember the priest saying.
I was proud and I am guilty. God's verdict is always "Guilty", it is just a small comfort to know that this is God's verdict on every man.
I have been a beautiful girl, so beautiful, that I first got money for my beauty at the age of 15.
Low self-esteem and perfectionism is a cocktail that can generate high achievement.
I earned more money than a fifteen year old girl could imagine. Although I was just a child, I worked as hard as an adult.
Sometimes I was so exhausted that I could barely feel my body.
I trusted my manager – my career as a model went on better and better.
Peace, Joy, Reconciliation and Love were the feelings that now replaced all the bad and ugly.
But the trouble was twofold. I felt invincible but after a few month it left marks on my body.
With the blink of an eye everything lovely and nice disappeared and what remained was dealers, dealers all over the place. I had to get it, I had to take it.
Now I stand here, selling my body to strangers and yes I am a sinner I sin every second of my live.
I regard nothing, for money I do everything.
I pass it to my clients and they pass it again.
I am guilty, I am a sinner, I am an assassin, I was just beautiful.

Illustration Poems